Pandemic Body Bag

Key Features

Style: Designed to eliminate leakage – for today’s high-risk bio-hazard exposures (per OSHA Universal Precautions)
Worksmanship: all seams 100% RF (Heat-Sealed), no less then 10mm to eliminate any possible leakage, seepage, contamination, or odor.
Material: Heavy duty PEVA (Polyethylene vinyl acetate) 0.280mm thick & 30% EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) – Bio Degradable
Zipper: Panels are securid with #5 U-Shape heavy duty zippers, double pull for easy access
Handles: Blakc Polypropylene webbing, 3.8cm wide, 4pcs provides extra 50kg weight support
ID Pocket: Clear 0.15mm PE
Length: 220cm
Width: 80cm
Weight support: 200kg
Thickness: 280 Microns


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